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Groundcover Ready-to-use plant mats

27 maart 2023
Groundcover Ready-to-use plant mats

The finished ground covers immediately provide a green and maintenance-friendly result. Waiting two to four years for dense vegetation is no longer necessary. The method and ease of use can be compared to laying grass: the plant mats are laid in no time and immediately give a green result.

This makes our ready-to-use plant mats ideal for governments, companies and institutions that want to decorate and maintain their terrain, embankment or park in a cost-effective way. Due to the dense vegetation of the hardy ground cover plants, weeds hardly get a chance. All this leads to significant savings on budget and maintenance.

The ready-to-use ground covers are also a solution for private gardens. With minimal maintenance, the garden looks well cared for all year round. In addition, Covergreen® carpets contribute to improving the environment and air quality.

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